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In order to investigate attitudes and experiences towards technology and also personal stories of  women working in STEM, I held informal interviews with a number of different people, mainly women, who had successful careers in Academia and/or science based industry.

The sample group for these interviews was small and therefore represents only very specific experiences and attitudes experienced (both historically and geographically also). In order to create specific data sets a more generalised approach with a wider sample set of people and identical questions would need to be asked. 

However I was looking for interesting personal stories that might form a common thread to explore in the creative practise, as well as general observations and experiences which could potentially be investigated further at a later date. The insights and observations gave me different viewpoints to my own which was also interesting in the context of developing specific personality and experience driven creative A.I.

Interviews were held via skype or in person with any data stored anonymised - although all participants expressed their happiness to be quoted. A very informal discussion was had with each participant, covering their early interests, school achievements and subsequent career.


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